Hakomi Workshop

Re-Learning Wholeness – Healing fragmentation with Mindfulness

A two-and-a-half-day workshop with Jules Morgaine, Certified Hakomi Trainer

NAPIER: Fri 25 Feb—Sun 27 Feb 2022

“The Hindu’s tell us that the child in the womb says “Do not let me forget who I am” but that song after birth becomes “Oh I have forgotten already”. (Kornfield)

 Even in the best of attachment and developmental circumstances we experience a series of ‘misses’ that our immature brain is not yet capable of metabolising. In order to continue to maintain relational connection and achieve developmental milestones the associated pain of these ‘misses’ is split off. This fragmentation that is at once an ingenious and adaptive survival strategy comes with a steep price – a disconnection and/or disowning of our most vulnerable and creative self.

Resolution of the past in service of a greater sense of wholeness requires a ‘welcoming home’ of disowned parts in such a way that the autonomic nervous system does not become dysregulated.  Without an observing function that can differentiate past and present neural networks that hold limiting patterns and traumatic memory are continuously activated therefore exacerbating disconnection.

Mindfulness is characterised by openness, curiosity and compassion. It is a powerful tool in slowing down automatic reactions, creating space to study these fragmented parts and to begin to befriend and welcome re-connection to our wholeness.

This workshop based in the Principles of Hakomi, utilising mindfulness and attention to somatic experience will enable an exploration of parts held in implicit memory that are not readily available to ordinary consciousness. Tools for facilitating and deepening connection will be used. Attention will also be given to ways in which to safely manage this process where trauma experiences are held in fragmented parts.

This is an experiential workshop whereby participants will be invited to explore their own core organisation and move towards re-connection with wholeness. There will also be guidance for those working therapeutically with others. 

This workshop is also suited to those who simply wish to experience the Hakomi method. It meets the pre-requisite attendance at a workshop for undertaking the Hakomi Professional Skills training beginning in August 2021.

Time and Date:
Day 1    Friday 25 February:  6.00pm – 9.00pm
Day 2    Saturday 26 February:  9.30am – 5.30pm
Day 3 Sunday 27 February: 9.30am – 3.30pm

Hawkes Bay Coastguard Centre
Meeanee Quay
Full Fee: $395
Early bird Fee: $345 (paid by 11 February 2022)



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