The Hakomi Pacifica Team consists of seven Certified Hakomi Trainers – Halko Weiss, Manuela Mischke Reeds, Jules Morgaine, Suhari Mommsen Bohm, John Perrin and Julie Murphy. We also have four Certified Hakomi Teachers – Sarah Tait-Jamieson, Karen Baikie, Pernilla Siebenfreund and Paris Williams. Our trainers have many years of experience teaching the Hakomi Method locally as well as internationally. Each trainer brings their unique perspective of the method as well as their extensive profesional background in psychology and psychotherapy. Our professional trainings are taught with a team approach that includes talented teachers in training.

Jules Morgaine

Jules Morgaine, PBANZ, MNZAP, CHT, Dip OT, is a registered psychotherapist, holds an Advanced Practice certificate with NZAP and is a Certified Hakomi therapist and Hakomi Trainer with the Hakomi Institute (USA) South Pacific Team. She has completed a post grad Diploma in Advanced Psychotherapy practice and Clinical Supervision and holds a Masters of Health Science in Psychotherapy practice. She has over 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, working extensively with sexual abuse trauma and domestic violence intervention, and currently works in private practice offering therapy and supervision.

Having come from a background of Mental Health Services as an Occupational Therapist she has subsequently trained in Psychotherapy including Hakomi Body-centred Psychology. She has worked extensively in sexual abuse trauma recovery and Domestic Violence Intervention Programmes. She leads Hakomi workshops in Australia and New Zealand and leads Hakomi Trainings in New Zealand and Perth.

Dr Suhari Mommsen Bohm

Suhari Mommsen-Bohm, PBANZ, NZAP, NNZ,CHT, is a registered Psychotherapist, Naturopath, certified Hakomi Trainer and holds a Medical Doctorate from the University of Freiburg Germany. She is a member of the Hakomi Institute’s South Pacific Team and Faculty on Hakomi Professional Trainings in New Zealand, Sydney and Perth and holds a certificate of advanced clinical practice with the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists.

Suhari teaches workshops in New Zealand and Australia presents at conferences and has been in private practice in Dunedin for nearly 30 years integrating Natural Medicine and Hakomi mindfulness based psychotherapy. Her therapeutic approach is based on her deep understanding of Mind Body Holism. Her particular area of interest is in the use of mindfulness for chronic pain syndrome and stress management. She also has many years of experience as a clinical supervisor and enjoys the mentoring aspect of the work.

John Perrin

John Perrin is a Certified Hakomi therapist and Hakomi Trainer and holds a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Relationship Counselling from the Jansen Newman Institute. He is faculty on Hakomi Professional Trainings in Sydney, Perth and New Zealand and leads Hakomi workshops throughout the region. He maintains a private practice in Sydney. He is also the Sydney Organiser for Hakomi Workshops and Professional Training. John studied for many years in the Zen Buddhist tradition and has a particular interest in the role of embodiment in psychotherapy.

Manuela Mischke-Reeds, MA, MFT

Manuela is a Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer, a licensed Somatic Psychotherapist, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She trains health professionals in the Hakomi Method in California, Australia and Europe. She recently developed a Hakomi based trauma and attachment training for clinicians in Germany. Manuela specializes in integrating somatic psychotherapy with somatic trauma therapy, attachment psychotherapy, infant mental health and movement therapy. She serves as a faculty member at John F. Kennedy University and Sofia University (formerly the is Institute of Transpersonal Psychology). She holds a MA in Somatic Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies, and a BA in Dance Therapy from the Naropa University. In addition she has trained in various methods of working with trauma and counseled survivors of political oppression, torture and trauma. 

She is a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, a trauma resolution method developed by Peter Levine. She is a graduate Fellow at the Napa Infant Mental Health Fellowship Program, led by Dr. Ed Tronick. She is a recent graduate of the Child Trauma Institute of San Francisco and has expanded her practice in working with children and parents suffering the effects of trauma. Manuela has extensive training in the field of movement therapies, and is an authorized Continuum Movement teacher. 

She has also been a student of Buddhist meditation practice for the past 17 years and authored the book 8 Keys to Practicing Mindfulness, published by W.W. Norton and Company.

Dr. Halko Weiss and Maci Daye


Halko is a licensed psychotherapist, lecturer, and prolific author. He is a co-founder of the Hakomi Institute, and has three main areas of training today: 1. mindful somatic psychotherapy for therapists, 2. relationship skills, including couples therapy, and 3. mindfulness-based soft skills for business executives. His main interest is to promote loving and supportive relationships in all of these realms.


Maci is a licensed psychotherapist, Hakomi trainer, and Certified sex therapist. She holds degrees from Harvard and Georgia State Universities. Her main work interest is in sexuality in long-term relationships for which she has developed her own program called Passion&Presence®.

Sarah Tait–Jamieson

Sarah Tait-Jamieson, NZAP, PBANZ, CHT is a registered psychotherapist, holds a BA Anthropology, Dip Teaching, Bachelor Applied Social Sciences, Advanced Clinical Practice Cert. NZAP and Masters of Health Practice.

Sarah practices psychotherapy in Hawkes Bay where she, her husband, and family run an organic farm. She is certified both as a Hakomi Therapist and a Hakomi Teacher, teaching on New Zealand Hakomi professional trainings, and running workshops. 

Combining her interests in psychotherapy and cross-cultural awareness, Sarah has been involved in programmes designed to make psychotherapy accessible to Maori and Pacific people. She has a particular interest in helping people resolve historic attachment issues and trauma so that they can lead happier, and more balanced lives working with individuals, couples, groups, and supervision.

Aladdin Jones

Aladdin is a certified Hakomi (Mindful Somatic) Therapist & Teacher who resides in the Yarra Valley near Melbourne. He has a private practice in psychotherapy, counselling and clinical supervision and teaches on the Hakomi Psychotherapy professional training in Australia (Perth) & New Zealand.  Over the past 15 + years he has worked as a psychotherapist, family therapist (all ages), group facilitator and in community prevention of family violence. He has a particular interest in healthy masculinity work with boys and men, respectful relationships, and in ecotherapeutic approaches. Aladdin has a 20 + year interest and practice in Zen and mindfulness, is a musician of world music, has a love of gardening and time in wild places and is a father to two teenage daughters with his partner Tess.

Dr Paris Williams

Dr Paris Williams is a registered Clinical Psychologist working in private practice in Dunedin, New Zealand and is on the Hakomi NZ faculty as a Certified Teacher. He has a BA in Contemplative (mindfulness-based) psychology and Somatic psychology, and an MA and PhD in Humanistic, Transpersonal and Existential psychology. He has been integrating the principles and practice of mindfulness deeply into his personal and professional life since 2000, and began training in Hakomi in 2005. He has taken a particularly strong interest in the process of deep personal transformation, having researched and supported those recovering from trauma, psychosis, chronic pain, substance dependency and other extreme states, having published the widely acclaimed book, Rethinking Madness, in 2012. He draws from a broadly holistic perspective in his therapeutic approach, integrating methods for supporting mind, body, spirit and interpersonal relationships in supporting his clients’ journeys towards wholeness and wellbeing. He has been facilitating various Hakomi workshops and trainings since 2010 in the US and New Zealand, and is a member of the teaching team for the 2017-18 Hakomi Professional Training. You can learn more about him and his work at: DunedinPsychologist.co.nz