Certification as a Hakomi Therapist is an achievement. It is the recognition by the Hakomi Institute of competency in the Hakomi Method of mindfulness-based psychotherapy. Certification entitles you to call yourself a Certified Hakomi Therapist, use the Hakomi Logo, and be networked by the Hakomi Institute.

All of the individuals in this directory are certified in the Hakomi Method: Certified Hakomi Therapists (C.H.T.) or Certified Hakomi Practitioners (C.H.P.), they have all achieved a high level of training and competence.

Dr Nickie Baillie

MBChB, FRNZCGP, Dip Herb Med, MNZAMH, Dip Int Psych (Hakomi), CHT.


Nicky Baillie is a Certified Hakomi Therapist based in Auckland. She completed the Hakomi training in NZ in 2008, and was a tutor on the recent NZ Hakomi training. She is also an Integrative GP (medical doctor) and Medical Herbalist. During her medical training she developed an interest in more integrative approaches to health. Her training in Herbal Medicine, and Hakomi Therapy since then have enabled her to work with a wide range of people to support deep healing, and optimal wellness.

She has a private practice in Auckland working as an Integrative GP and Hakomi Therapist.

Lisa Chaplow

MCouns, PG Dip Education, BA(Hons), Prov NZAC, CHT


Lisa works privately with individuals and groups in Whanganui as a counsellor and Certified Hakomi Therapist (CHT) and is a teacher-in-training on the New Zealand Hakomi professional training.

Lisa facilitates a therapeutic group for mothers navigating the impacts of their own trauma on their experience of parenting. In individual client work Lisa enjoys working with a wide range of issues and clients. Lisa has both experience in, and a particular interest in supporting people to renegotiate the impacts of developmental and traumatic wounding through collaborative counselling and somatic therapy.

Website: lisachaplowcounselling.com

Carolyn Crawford

RGON, RM, B.Soc.Sc.(Psychology), Certified Hellerwork and Watsu Practitioner, CHT


Carolyn is a Certified Hakomi Therapist with a background in nursing, midwifery, psychology and counselling. She began private practice in 2000, offering Structural Bodywork (Hellerwork) and Aquatic Therapies (Watsu tradition).

In her 40 plus years of practicing, in a variety of health services and settings, she developed a strong awareness of how mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects are constantly interacting in the experience of well-being. The desire to ‘meet the whole person’ has been her main inspiration for ongoing study and including Hakomi as part of her work.

She is excited by the potential for transformation in the integration of Hellerwork, Aquatic Therapies and Hakomi. In all three modalities, ‘mindful presence’ is seen as essential to activate the natural impulse for growth and healing. While each modality infuses and influences the other two, a specific focus will be appropriate at different times and clients choose the work they are most drawn to at any point.

Sally Forman



Sally has been a psychotherapist since registering as an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist from The Bowlby Centre in London in 1997 (RAPP, PBANZ, MNZAP). She is a Certified Hakomi Therapist (CHT), Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC, CPCC), a graduate of the Speaking Circles International’s® Facilitator Training and a graduate of the Co-Active Training Institute’s Leadership Training.

Sally is dedicated to providing a space for well-being and a relationship of safety, trust and respect for the gentle opening of the heart and unfolding of the soul. She is interested in how place and space and connection to the land, sea, forest, river and mountain supports wellbeing. Sally writes creative non-fiction.

Kel Forrest


I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a Certified Hakomi Practitioner. In my therapeutic approach I weave Hakomi therapy and Response Based Practice which draws together principles of awareness, non-violence and dignity. I have been strongly moved by my training in kaupapa Māori approaches, for both their strength and appropriateness for working within an Aotearoa context. All these frameworks lend themselves to gathering together an understanding of how we are consistently responding to the world and how we make choices to live.

Ingrid Hindmarsh


Ingrid has been working as a counsellor and therapist since 1991. She is a certified Hakomi Therapist and a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors. She works from Island Bay and Central Wellington.

Ingrid has a particular interest in the way that Hakomi interfaces with meditation and a spiritual path; the way each can inform the other. She enjoys working with a wide range of issues and is also experienced in working with trauma and eating disorders.

Haruhisa Ishikawa (Haru)

Eurythmist, CHT


Haru is a Certified Hakomi Therapist based in Christchurch. He completed his Hakomi trainings in Japan and in New Zealand. Haru has worked with people who suffer from various mental illnesses such as anxiety disorder, depression, dissociative identity disorder, multiple personal disorder, panic disorder and post traumatic stress disorder by offering individual and group sessions as a therapist in Japan. Haru has also offered psychotherapy sessions with medical doctors and psychiatrists in various settings (e.g., a psychiatric clinic, a children’s residential home). He moved to New Zealand from Japan in 2018.

Aladdin Jones



Aladdin has a private practice in Melbourne as a Hakomi therapist and facilitation consultant and trainer. He has worked for many years as a therapist with adults, youth & children, at a tertiary college integrated health centre, in an agency context, in private practice, and in the workplace as an EAP counselor. Aladdin is trained and experienced as a facilitator of whole person therapeutic and educational group processes including behaviour change with Men, mindfulness and personal development. Aladdin has had an interest and practice in mindfulness for 20 years through Zen and Vipassana traditions and is currently a teacher in training on the Hakomi professional training (NZ & Perth). Aladdin brings a love of playing music and generating the space for creativity and meaningful connection to emerge.

Suzanna Langendam


Suzanna is a Certified Hakomi Therapist and Counsellor (NZAC). She sees individuals and couples at Courtenay Medical in Wellington city.
Her background in BodyMind Therapy combines with her practice as a Hakomi Therapist to emphasise BodyCentred living. Her approach includes meeting life with supportive practical strategies, experientially exploring and resolving conflict and developing an internal attitude of aliveness and inner peace.

Suzanna’s long history of meditation and spiritual inquiry inform her work. Her area of special interest is self transformation and transpersonal growth.

Dr. Suhari Mommsen-Bohm



Suhari is a registered Psychotherapist, Naturopath, certified Hakomi Trainer and holds a Medical Doctorate from the University of Freiburg Germany. She is a member of the Hakomi Institute’s South Pacific Team and Faculty on Hakomi Professional Trainings in New Zealand, Sydney and Perth and holds a certificate of advanced clinical practice with the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists.

Suhari teaches workshops in New Zealand and Australia presents at conferences and has been in private practice in Dunedin for nearly 30 years integrating Natural Medicine and Hakomi mindfulness based psychotherapy. Her therapeutic approach is based on her deep understanding of Mind Body Holism. Her particular area of interest is in the use of mindfulness for chronic pain syndrome and stress management. She also has many years of experience as a clinical supervisor and enjoys the mentoring aspect of the work.

Shanti Moonsong Huebner


Shanti is a Certified Hakomi Therapist living in the beautiful hills of the Coromandel. She has a background in Social Work, workshop facilitation, women’s studies and a number of the healing modalities (including sound healing, bodywork & dance).

She also draws deep inspiration from the Easter meditative traditions and has been practicing yoga & meditation for the past 36 years. She feels deeply attuned to the Hakomi way of working with mindfulness and the unity principle.

Jules Morgaine



Jules Morgaine is a registered psychotherapist, holds an Advanced Practice certificate with NZAP and is a Certified Hakomi therapist and Hakomi Trainer with the Hakomi Institute (USA) South Pacific Team. She has completed a post grad Diploma in Advanced Psychotherapy practice and Clinical Supervision. She will complete MHSc in 2015. She has over 25 years experience as a psychotherapist and currently works in private practice offering therapy and supervision.

Having come from a background of Mental Health Services as an Occupational Therapist she has subsequently trained in Psychotherapy including Hakomi Body-centred Psychology. She has worked extensively in sexual abuse trauma recovery and Domestic Violence Intervention Programmes.

She leads Hakomi workshops in Australia and New Zealand and leads Hakomi Trainings in New Zealand and Perth.

Julie Murphy

NZAC, NZAP and is a Registered Psychotherapist


Julie has been working as a psychotherapist in private practice since 1992, becoming a Certified Hakomi Therapist at the end of her Hakomi Training in 2002. The areas in which she has a particular interest are clinical supervision, attachment theory and conscious parenting. Her work centers on the therapeutic relationship and the ground this creates for the exploration of the organization of experience, and the reparative possibility this offers. While clinical supervision has a different focus the supervisory relationship is again central and offers the possibility of both personal and professional development in the service of the client.

Julie is in practice with her partner Ben Bennett who is also a Certified Hakomi Therapist. Ben specializes in working with couples.

Website: relationshipcoaching.co.nz

Sarah Tait-Jamieson

NZAP,PBANZ,CHT, BA Anthropology, Dip Teaching. Bachelor Applied Social Sciences, Advanced Clinical Practice Cert. NZAP, Post-Graduate Dip. Applied Clinical Practice Psychotherapy


Sarah has practiced psychotherapy in the Hawkes Bay since 2003. She is certified both as a Hakomi Therapist and a Hakomi Teacher, teaching on New Zealand Hakomi professional trainings and running workshops.

Sarah works privately with individuals, couples, groups, and supervises training and practicing therapists. She is also contracted to deliver a programme designed to make psychotherapy accessible to Maori and Pacific people in the Hawkes Bay. In individual client, work Sarah has a particular interest in helping people resolve historic attachment issues and trauma so that they can lead happier, and more balanced lives.

Peter Waugh


Peter Waugh is a certified Hakomi therapist, naturopath and fellow traveller. He works in private practice in Wellington NZ.

His interest is in the deep underlying issues, including the spiritual, that underpin both ill health and well being in the individual. He sees the process of wellbeing as one of a journey / unfolding and having the most appropriate tools to facilitate that process rather than overcoming a pathological state.

In addition to Hakomi he uses a variety of modalities including loving presence, interactive drawing therapy and crystal bed healing.