Hakomi Workshop

Wisdom of the Bodymind: Bringing hidden conversations alive through Mindful Somatic (Hakomi) approach to therapy

A two-day workshop with Aladdin Jones, Certified Hakomi Teacher

AUCKLAND: Sat 7 Dec—Sun 8 Dec 2019

Ever found that traditional forms of narrative based therapies don’t always change habitual ways of being in the world and in relationships? 

This 2-day workshop offers the opportunity to experience the Hakomi Mindful Somatic method of psychotherapy and how it differs from narrative based therapies. It offers a deepening of practice and provides immediately accessible therapeutic skills that are practical, experiential, embodied and compassionate.

This in turn supports present moment mindful awareness and contacting not just the story but the storyteller and the wisdom of the bodymind.

In this workshop we will develop skills for:

  • Listening beneath Story: what’s in the field of experience
  • Tracking and Contacting in the present moment
  • The power of mindful awareness
  • Tapping the wisdom of the body
  • Experimental attitude, infectious curiosity & assisted self-study
  • Conversations with the story teller
  • Interrupting old habits: Neuroplasticity in action
  • Integrating emergent knowledge
  • Sourcing our relationship with the bodymind of nature

Main Benefits:

  • This workshop provides advanced skill building in therapeutic contexts as well as communication and relationship dynamics, so that you can build on and deepen your abilities for transformative sessions.
  • The learning style has a weighting towards the experiential with theoretical components woven through out, so that you get the most opportunity to practice and integrate the skills throughout the workshop.
  • This workshop really grounds the practices of mindfulness and somatic (body) awareness and how to integrate these in your own work & life contexts.
  • This particular workshop supports increasing your capacity for deep listening, tracking (reading what’s in a clients present experience and what’s outside their everyday awareness), and how to contact this unfolding present experience in others and in yourself.
  • This workshop brings the therapeutic interaction alive, through its experimental and working with present moment experience.
  • This workshop provides powerful tools for accessing belief systems that can limit people’s ability to fully live into who they are – it’s about increasing choice points.
  • This workshop supports your knowing of how to create safe spaces and the flow of the therapeutic process and being able to see what gets in the way or limits the potential of a session.

This workshop is for psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, OT’s, care workers, medical staff (nurses, GP’s etc), groupwork facilitators, bodyworkers, anyone in helping professions. It also meets the pre-requisite requirements for undertaking the Hakomi Professional Skills training due to begin in Napier in November 2019 and provides a good opportunity to learn more about and experience Hakomi as a method of psychotherapy.

Time and Date: 
Saturday 7 December:   9.30 am – 4.30pm
Sunday 8 December: 9.30 am – 4.30pm

Early Bird (paid by 20 November): $335
Full Fee: $395
Student Fee: $290

Blue Lotus Sanctuary
16 Como St, Takapuna, Auckland

For more information, please contact organiser, Tarisha, below.


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