Hakomi Workshop

Welcoming all our Parts – An Introduction to Hakomi

A two-day workshop with Sarah Tait-Jamieson, Certified Hakomi Teacher

NAPIER: Sat 20 Jul—Sun 21 Jul 2019

“Part of me is really keen to go, but another part of me is having doubts …”

A familiar refrain that, at best, makes us stop and think, and at worst cause confusion and internal conflict.

We all have a kaleidoscope of parts created by our experiences that can help us to navigate the changing course of our life’s journey. These experiences have been encoded physically within our cellular memory which fortifies us with parts that carry implicit knowledge for future experiences, and can give us a sense of appropriate action beyond our normal cognitions.

Some parts, particularly those generated by negative experiences, are less accessible to us, because they are often associated with shame or guilt. Out of our conscious awareness, but In an effort to protect us from further humiliation and hurt, these parts may keep us behaving in ways that are no longer necessary or useful.

In Hakomi we turn our attention to our internal landscape to notice what is present, with compassion and curiosity. With this process of mindfulness, we can begin to locate our many parts, those we know and welcome, and those we may unknowingly shun, to understand how and why they are operating for us. 

In this workshop you will be introduced to Hakomi principles and skills to facilitate the study of your multiple parts, allowing you the possibility of deeper self-awareness and the choice to live in more life-enhancing ways.

Dates & Times
Saturday 20 July 2019   9:30 AM – 5:30 pm
Sunday 21 July 2019 9:30 AM – 4:00 pm

Early Bird Fee $250 (Paid by 10 July 2019)
Full Fee $295

Coastguard Hawke’s Bay
704 Meeanee Quay
Westshore, Napier 4110


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