Hakomi Workshop

Embracing Somatic Intelligence: Embodied Mindfulness for Growth and Healing – Tauranga

A two-day workshop with Jules Morgaine, Certified Hakomi Trainer

TAURANGA: Fri 28 Jun—Sat 29 Jun 2019

When we combine the plasticity of the human brain with the courage of the human heart it is possible to create new neural networks that are expansive and life-giving.
Early in our developmental history we created strategies to meet overwhelm and dysregulation of experiences we were unable to tolerate and metabolise at the time. These strategies are wired into neural networks and largely beyond conscious awareness but none-the-less continue to shape our life.
The plasticity of the human brain leaves these neural networks open, flexible and ripe for re-ordering into more integrated forms. There is profound wisdom in the musculature and cells of our body, the symptoms we experience and our somatic intelligence in the moment.
Embodied Mindfulness, through direct experiencing, provides a powerful means of both accessing this implicit neural wiring and creating the conditions necessary to support the development of alternative neural networks. As human beings we are self-organising and self-renewing. The move from fragmentary states of consciousness towards cohesion sets us free from the early limiting patterns.
In this workshop we will develop skills for:

  • working with embodied mindfulness
  • accessing somatic intelligence
  • trusting the inherent wisdom of the body
  • creating conditions that allow for ‘novel’ experience as a means of rewiring neural networks
  • integration of new pathways for more expansive living

The Principles and Methodology of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology will be applied. This workshop will employ experiential learning methods combined with theoretical teachings. Participants will have the opportunity to practice skills taught and explore own personal process.
This workshop meets the pre-requisite requirements for undertaking the Hakomi Professional Skills training due to begin in Napier in JUNE 2019. It also provides a good opportunity to learn more about and experience Hakomi as a method of psychotherapy and meet lead trainer.

Time and Date:
Friday 28 June: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday 29 June:  9.00am – 4.00pm

Early bird $295 (paid by 14 June).
Full fee $350

St James Church, Greerton, Tauranga


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