Please find below some of the core books written by Hakomi trainers. More books to be included very soon.

Body-Centred Psychotherapy—The Hakomi Method

by Ron Kurtz

This is “the” text on Hakomi. While, for the most part, this book is serious reading, the book is a good introduction to the principles and method of Hakomi and to the therapeutic applications of mindfulness. Inspiring for therapists and clients alike.

Grace Unfolding

by Greg Johanson and Ron Kurtz

This is a beautiful and clear book on a psychotherapy which sensibly integrates principles from Eastern spiritual disciplines. “In a clear, gentle, and sometimes humorous voice, it speaks to us of therapy as partnership, as ‘being in communion’, with the task of the therapist to help us to be more aware of our unique individuality, our connection with all life, and – above all – our own inner wisdom,” says Riane Eisler, author of ‘The Chalice and the Blade’.

Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples

by Rob Fisher

A guide for the creative pragmatist. Hakomi Trainer Rob Fisher’s book is filled with clear examples and exercises, offering practical guidelines to therapists interested in applying an experiential orientation to couples work. By engaging a couple’s negative interactive impulses thoughtfully, rather than denying their purpose, Fisher shows how oportunities arise to create a more balanced and satisfying relationship. Copies are available from the author.
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